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Digital Business Cards

Custom Design  *  Full Service  *  Pay Only After Approved

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Which Business Card Would Be Easier To Find?

Three Easy Steps To A Digital Business Card


Provide Your Information

We’ll send you a form to collect your information for the digital card. Name, address, phone, picture, etc.


Our developer will build your card and install it on our server. All you do is approve the info. We take care of the rest.


You can use the “Share Card” feature to text your card to someone and place it on their phone home screen.

We Will Take Care of Everything!

What’s Included?

  • Custom Heading with picture or logo

  • Clickable buttons to Call, Text, or Email

  • Link to your mobile friendly website

  • “About” page to describe your business

  • Add your info to phonebook with a Vcard

  • Share your card via texting

  • Social Media links

  • Google map link to connect to phone’s GPS


See sample digital card here.

Host On

Hosting Included - 1 Year
  • Design card
  • Install on domain
  • Up to 4 content changes per year
  • Free hosting for 1 year ($25/yr starting 2nd year)
  • 1 hour training by phone

Host On Your Domain

Installation Included
  • Design card
  • Install on your domain
  • Optional self-install guide
  • $25 per content change
  • 1 hour training by phone

Start Here

Use The Form To:

  • Request Information
  • Have Someone Call You
  • Order A Digital Card

Our designer will contact you to get your business card details.

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